Maternity Leave Around the World

Maternal leaves are an intuitive way to depict how much the society cares about motherhood, childcare, and families. Different societies embrace maternal leaves differently; yes, the world is so diverse.

In the modern day world, some countries are yet to introduce this as a legal requirement to all mothers while some are lobbying for more days of the leave.
Just how different are maternal leaves offered in different countries around the world?

• Maternity Leave in Australia
The law provides for a 12 month leave for all mothers. New mothers have the right to request for an additional 12 months based on several factors like family or health issues. To qualify for payment during this period, one ought to have worked for 10 months or more of the 13 months before the child is born.
The mothers earn $695 per week for a period not exceeding 18 months. Anyone earning below $150000 per annum has access to this bounty whether the employer is making profits or losses.
Australia embraces child care on a major scale especially in areas with a dense population set up. Low-income families receive up to 50% of the childcare cost from the federal government.
The cost is capped at $7000 per annum. Over half of the women return to work after delivery according to a 2011 research. A two week paid paternal leave is provided to the fathers. The job is guaranteed to be available after the leave is over.

• Maternity Leave in Ghana
The currently existing leave is 12 weeks, although there are pending plans to have this extended to 16 weeks. Mothers are paid the equivalent of what they earn as stipulated in their employment contract.
Here, child care does not come cheap sometimes rising up to $1000. Private organizations enroll their female workers in health insurances that will see the child care cost.
Over 60% of mothers are said to return to work within a year of delivering. There is no legal provision for a paternal leave currently.

• Maternity Leave in India
Female employees in India are entitled to a 26-week maternity leave, a period of 8 months before delivery to 18 weeks after delivery. Women who have already given birth twice or more are entitled to only 12 weeks i.e. 6 weeks prenatal and the rest after delivery.
During this period, mothers earn the equivalent of their average daily wage of three calendar months prior to the commencement of the leave for a maximum period of 26 weeks. To qualify for the pay, the mother ought to have worked for more than 80 days in the most current 12 months.
Companies are obligated to pay the full wages not only the basic salary. There is no direct child care support currently existing. Incredibly, only a quarter of the mothers resume their jobs after employment.
The labor law has no provision for paternal leave although civil servants are eligible. A further condition is that fathers with two kids or less can access a leave spanning 15 days before the newborn and up to six months from the delivery month. They earn an equivalent of their last salary before the leave.

Salute to all mothers worldwide and a big thank you to all fathers who are there for them during such periods.

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